Twin Consultation – 1st Conference in Brazil

100 ecumenical Leaders from all over the World reflected on Reformation, Education and Transformation

Ecumenical conference in the Ecumenical Land

What took place from 19th - 23th November 2015, as a Reformation-Education and Transformation (R-E-T) Conference in Faculdades EST in Sao Leopoldo Brazil, was not only a religious but also a social and cultural ecumenical conference. Continents, denominations and societies were fully represented in this conference. Participants were one hundred social and religious-elites, with varying experiences, from different contexts all over the world. Missionsakademie was well represented by Dr. Uta Andrée, Anupama Hial and Biniel Mallyo.

The conference aimed at harvesting insightful evaluations of impact of reformation and education in social-transformation; and establishing ways forward for an improvement.

Although participants were from diversified denominations, still they had in common a focus on church and social transformation. They vibrantly faced the facts in unity and constantly demonstrated a great awareness  and aspiration of church's unity towards social transformation.

Brazil served as a very practical context for this conference. As a land full of diversities, ethnic, race, culture,economy and religion, served as an area of experience for the participants. How the  church in Brazil practically faces these diversities in unity and works for transformation; served as a reference point for the conference. Although there are challenges related to diversity, still the society is widely open towards a practiced religious, social and economic unity.

In fact, as it revealed in the conference, the church is appreciated for its great social-transformation it has attained since a reformation time. However, it is also challenged from its historical approaches in missionary activities and for its current approaches on social-political challenges. Semper-reformanda remained as a key emphasis for the church. A continuation of this conference will be in May 2016 in Halle (Saale), Germany.

Biniel E. Mallyo

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