Andar Parlindungan

My name is Andar Parlindungan and come from North Sumatra, Indonesia. I am married and my wife is Reyni Panjaitan. We have two sons: Ramon and Anselmus. We live currently at the Academy of Mission, Hamburg, Germany. I am a pastor of the Batak Protestant Christian Church (Huria Kristen Batak Protestan-HKBP). It is a high privilege to have a chance to pursue my Ph.D study at the University of Hamburg. My Dissertation title is “Jerusalem in the Muslim Thoughts and Understanding: An Effort to seek a Peace in the Holy Land.” I completed my Bachelor Study at the HKBP Theological Seminary, Pematangsiantar, Indonesia in 1999. Then I studied at Luther Seminary, St. Paul, MN, USA from 2004-2006 in order to pursue my M.Th degree. My theological studies und experience helps me to open my broad understanding on how to live peacefully with people from other faiths. Indonesia is a multi cultural and multi religious country, which experienced several conflicts in these decades. Through my studies I have been prepared to face this conflict situation with spirits of dialogue and mutual understanding. It is also my goal when I return to my country, that I could share my local and global understanding to our Christian community in Indonesia. It is very important for the Christian community in Indonesia to develop the spirit of inter-religious dialogue to form a strong society in Indonesia.