Johana R Tangirerung

My name is Rev. Johana R Tangirerung from Indonesia. I am a student of  the  Theological Seminary of Cipanas, West Java. My subject is Misiology and my concentration is contextual theology. I was researching position of women in church and Toraja society. My research will attempt to answer the question, what is the position of women in society and the Toraja Church is truly a women's emancipation, or the extent of 'glass ceiling'. 'Glass Ceiling' is an unfair system or set of attitudes that prevents some people (such as women or people of a certain race) from getting the most powerful jobs — usually singular - women executives trying to break through the glass ceiling. Many women in Indonesia are still in that position, even in the church. My research is trying to break through the 'glass ceiling' by looking at traditional religion and cultural wisdom of Toraja that positioning women as human beings who have the same dignity as men.

I hope by studying at Missionakademie I will get many information about women position from many student from others country. I also want give my thanks for Brot fur die welt that give me chance study at missionakademie.