Teddy Sakupapa

Rev Teddy Chalwe Sakupapa is a pastor in the United Church of Zambia and works as a lecturer in dogmatics and ethics at the UCZ University College in Zambia. He holds a diploma in theology and a B.A (hons) degree in Religion and theology from the United Church of Zambia theological College and the University of the Western Cape respectively. Teddy is also a holder of a Masters Degree from the Protestant Theological University in the Netherlands. As a pastor, Teddy has served in several congregations of the United Church of Zambia in both rural and urban contexts. He is currently a PhD student in Ecumenical Theology and Social Ethics. His research focuses on the ecumenical tension between ecclesiology and ethics. Situating his study in the context of the All Africa Conference of Churches (AACC), the title of his research project is thus titled Ecclesiology and Ethics: An analysis of the History of the AACC 1963-2013. The Missions Akademie at the University of Hamburg has offered Teddy an opportunity to spend a period of six months at the Missions Akademie to further his research.