Academy of Mission at the University of Hamburg

Our institution contributes to the development of intercultural education in the field of Protestant theology. Our team consists of four heads of study who supervise doctoral dissertations by students from Africa, Latin America, Asia and Ozeania.

Besides the academic work with the stipend holders, the Academy of Mission is a place where international conferences are being held. Conferences may be organized by our team or by groups renting our facilities.

In addition, the Academy of Mission is considered a laboratory of ecumenical theology. We offer a space for discussing subjects relevant for the Protestant world. In particular, we closely observe the surprising dynamics of the unfolding of charismatic and evangelical movements in global and local perspectives. Other subjects of special interest to us, are globalization, and questions of justice and peace. Hamburg, as economic center with a long standing, global commercial history, represents a unique environment where the implications and consequences of globalization can be perceived and studied.

Pastors and leaders of African migrant churches have discovererd the Academy of Mission as a place for theological formation where diverse perspectives on the world, on religion, faith and theology can be shared in an athmosphere of utmost respect. A good number of African pastors residing in Germany have participated in the ATTiG  program (African Theological Training in Germany) which aims at deepening theological understanding by insisting on the contextuality of all forms of theology, including classical western theology.

The Academy of Mission was installed in the 1950ies as a place for the theological formation of missionaries to be sent out into the “mission fields”. Due to beginning processes of decolonization in Africa however, the function of the Academy of Mission was quickly changed. Ever since it has become a theological institution dedicated to theological education in a global perspective.

Here you find information concerning stipends for doctoral cadidates